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Case Study: Security and Solar Film, LED Lighting

For many buildings glass windows serve as the most vulnerable point of weakness for natural disasters (blasts, seismic events, etc), break-ins, and other security concerns. However, our 3M line of security film contains IPA adhesives that secure broken glass to window frames, anchoring shattered glass within the frame in order to protect occupants and critical infrastructure.

Our work with Dalton State College demonstrates the manner in which we strive to use innovative solutions to address each client’s unique needs. For example, Dalton State College needed a cost-effective way to add additional protective shelter for their students. Instead of building a costly new shelter, we worked with the college to outfit an existing academic building’s three-story stairwell with security film. By providing an upgrade alternative to an expensive new construction project, we were able to help Dalton State College address an urgent safety issue while also saving time and money. 

DEMONSTRATION: Check out this video of a real smash-and-grab to see how H.E. Hodge Company and 3M can protect your people and facilities.

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Solar film provides meaningful though often underestimated benefits to any new or existing building project. For example, North Georgia College installed our solar film in their student recreation center to provide relief from the blinding sun in a large two story pavilion area of the workout room.  This simple renovation eliminated harsh glare for students while reducing inside temperature by 20 degrees to create a more comfortable environment. Additionally, this large temperature reduction created significant savings in the HVAC costs required to counteract warming caused by the lack of solar protection.

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We are proud to offer the best Gexpro LED Lighting solutions available to help you significantly reduce energy consumption while increasing the quality of light for classrooms, work areas, and athletic arenas. Many school systems and companies today understand the value of LED lighting and try to convert one bulb at a time. While this may seem like a simple and logical approach, it rarely delivers the quality and savings intended. Oftentimes a piece-by-piece approach causes inconsistencies in lighting color and a variety of other issues. This is why we have partnered with an experienced distributor who also doubles as a consultant to ensure a seamless conversion that delivers maximum savings.  Benefits include a 50-90% energy consumption savings, large reductions in HVAC costs due to less heat output by the more efficient LED bulbs, and the ability to match or improve current lighting color and/or brightness.

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