Integrity in Action
Case Study: Global School Services

Pool-Bench-Integrity-story - 2x2.97inGlobal School Services (GSS) is a global provider of services to international K12 schools. Their services include procurement and logistics, facility designs, advance learning environments, IT and operational improvements. Occasionally GSS runs across a hard to find product for their international clients. According to their CEO, David Thompson, Jeff Hodge and the H. E. Hodge Company, are the ones to call for those challenges.

The Problem

Recent needs have included trampolines, aluminum seating, hand dryers, water fountains, gym floor coverings and an unusual, very large bench that also houses a retractable pool cover. The projects are further complicated by international currency and freight issues serving such far away places as Iraq.

Integrity in Action

GSS knows they can depend on H. E. Hodge Company to provide all of these quality products in a timely fashion. We exhibit a “can do” attitude to all of the challenges that we face, so you know if we say we can do it, that we will do whatever it takes to deliver on that promise.

The Result

David Thompson says, “Hodge is one of our best vendors. They provide great service, good prices, and work diligently to solve our client concerns. Their design team is always ready for a new challenge and they believe in making K12 learning spaces more engaging and accessible.” GSS