List Industries

List Industries is one of the nation’s oldest locker and metal shelving manufactures. List Industries manufactures both economic knock down lockers and the industry exclusive hollow T-framed locker. They also own several regional warehouses that allows quick delivery of many types of lockers within 48 hours. List Industries offers exceptional warranties such as lifetime on all of its welded products and three years on many of its knock down lockers. List Industries is also the originator of the varsity open sport lockers used by many football teams.   Learn More>>

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Metal Lockers

Wood Lockers

Plastic & Phenolic Lockers

Bulk Storage Lockers


National Lock & Locker

For over 40 years National Lock and Locker has provided Georgia school systems the highest quality service while maintaining some of the lowest prices in the industry.

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Lock Installation & System Set Up

Minor Locker Repair & Alignment

Student Assignment Cards

Office Combination Sheets

New & Used Locker Installation

Welding & Striker Plate Replacement

Locker Removal & Carry-Off

Annual Combination Changes

Locker Door Lubrication

Student Assignment Excel Spreadsheet

Master Combination Control Charts

Number Plate Installation

Major Locker Renovation

Electrostatic Painting