Service Solutions Packages

Equipment from manufacturers is designed to provide years of service when properly used and maintained. However, even the safest equipment may be damaged if not operated and supervised by qualified individuals. Wear and tear is the inevitable result when equipment fails to receive the proper care. Manufacturers strongly suggest periodic inspection by factory trained or approved representatives.

H.E. Hodge Co., Inc. can provide the manufacturer recommended inspection at your convenience with our qualified representatives who are trained and experienced in the installation and repairs of gymnasium equipment products, bleachers, handicaps lifts, and lockers. A written report will be provided recommending which components if any, are in need of repair and/or replacement along with an estimate. All of our crews have over 20 years of experience installing and maintaining the numerous products H.E. Hodge Co furnishes.
Inspection should not be considered a warranty or guarantee that unforeseen problems will not occur for any time period after inspection.
Maintenance & Service Forms