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Fun Fact

Byron (also known as Ebe) and Jeff have been friends since they were college roommates at Florida State University and fraternity brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha.  Ask either one of them how they met or about any of their numerous “Ebe and Jeff stories” and we guarantee a good laugh!  Go Noles!!


Byron is a New Jersey native who grew up in the north and attended college at Florida State University graduating with a B.B.S. in Marketing. He and Jeff Hodge were roommates in college and when both graduated they came to work with H.E. Hodge Company. Byron started with the firm in 1986 with the sales division and has been a dominant force in the institutional equipment industry ever since. He has a knack for connecting with others and finding the right solutions for their needs. Consequently, he has garnered numerous accolades from customers and manufacturers alike, including the coveted “Founder’s Award” given to Byron in 2015.  He has been a top producer for H.E. Hodge Company for over 30 years by building rock solid relationships with his clients. Not only does he give quick and top quality customer service, but Byron invests himself and his family on a personal basis with his clients. He and his beautiful wife and three children have all made many lifelong friends through his business practice which is the ultimate goal for any of our sales staff!